Facebook for Business

Hello everyone,

Tonight, I am discussing the use of Facebook for your business. If you need to know how to use Facebook to promote your business, or for anyone who currently has a Facebook page, keep reading as I will go over the highlights and benefits.

To start you must create a Facebook page for your business if you don’t yet have one. It’s there you’ll publish content and interact with your friends. With a Facebook Page, visitors can stay connected with your brand, read the latest news, participate in conversations, and share interesting content with their friends. Once you have created your page, and Facebook has verified your authenticity, a blue badge with a check mark will appear. This will make it easier for people to find your page and to confirm that it is your business and not something else.

The first thing a person will see when they visit your page is your Timeline, this is a space where you can see the company’s own posts, posts from fans, as well as stories, all organized by the date that they are posted. Back at the top, you can see if any of your friends have liked the Page. You also have an ability to invite friends to like this page. Make sure that you have completed the information in the About tab, as a user can visit this page to find out more information, such as an overview, contact info, a button to message the company (if you want) but if you choose to keep this messaging option enabled on your page, be really certain you’re able to respond in a timely manner. Checkout this website for some tools to help your page be successful: Facebook for Business.

Another site to visit for some ways to perfect your Facebook page for business can be found at The Complete A to Z Guide.

A Facebook Page is where you house all your business information. Think of it a bit like your own website hosted on Facebook. Your Page gives your business a voice and presence on Facebook, and is a place to share information about your business directly with your customers. Always keep your personal page and your business page separate. I suspect you will want to represent your brand on Facebook, so you create a Page and you don’t use your personal profile. What makes a page so key is that your customers can opt in and opt out by simply liking or un-liking your Page. That means that people that want to hear from you will connect with you and you won’t burn out your personal network posting all your professional information on your account.

If you prefer to watch a quick video with some tips try this short 5 minute option: Facebook Business Manager Tutorial

Please remember that the news feed is a competitive place, and when you do get in front of your customer, you want to make sure that it’s with quality information.

To build your page use what I shared above, and then select your category of your business, don’t be afraid as it can be changed in the future, however, each category then unlocks different features for your page. To edit or add any information to the page, you can select Edit Info, this is where you would edit any information added. Here is where you have entered the name of your page as well as your username. This makes it easier for people to find your page, and it also creates custom URLs so can lead them to your Facebook page as well. This is where you enter any Contact information you wish to be made public. You should include your company website, email address, and phone number to show that you are available for any questions or concerns.
If you scroll down, you also have the address, and this is neat because it auto-populates a map showing your physical location.

Make sure you share your page, contact friends, email acquaintances, add a Facebook like button to your company website, these are some options to grow the visits to your Facebook page.

Posting on your Facebook page is one of the main ways you’ll be communicating with your customers, and is an integral part of your business’s marketing strategy. When you create a post, people will see it when they visit your page, and the post may also show up in their News Feed if they have liked your page previously. Add photos or videos that are relevant and interesting that will get the interest of your customers, and keep them coming back.

As you create content for your Facebook page, there will be times when you want to feature certain posts. The pinning posts feature on Pages does just that and is a great way to call attention to specific content.

Did you know that you can pre-schedule posts so you don’t have to be on the page at all times, creating new content day by day. You can create a post and schedule it to publish on your page in the future. I just found this out on Friday when I went down to talk with our social media person and he was scheduling a post for later that afternoon.

The key to an engaging Facebook page is posting compelling and interesting content for your fans. The first best practice is consistency. This is consistency in the type of content you post and when. The next best practice is posting timely content. Using high-quality photos that stand out in the news feed is so important to creating an effective post. It helps your content stand out in those crowded news feeds and really get in front of your targeted audience.

Facebook is a community and it’s social. Your success depends on creating meaningful engagement with your audience which can come in the form of a share of a like on your post. But the most valuable form of interaction is your comments. Comments can be left on your page by anyone, whether they’re a fan or not. They provide an opportunity for you to hear from your community, for your community to interact with one another, and for you to comment back. One of the biggest values for a brand is the idea of transparent communication. As you reply to people’s thoughts, questions, or concerns, other members can see that your brand is active and available.

Don’t fall into this trap, you must make the time and you will see the benefits that come your way:

These are just a few tips to help you get setup with your very own Facebook page and I hope it will assist you in getting the customers you want.

I enjoyed learning some of these tips that I brought to you, I can say that my company has their own Facebook page, and in my role, I will never need to be involved with updating it. I am responsible for sometimes providing some of the pictures used on the page to our Communications team, and our social media guru, and they are responsible for updating it all. I only need to view and like or share the information, so more people can see our accomplishments.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and hope you have a wonderful week.



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